November 6-8, 2024
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center

The 2022 Shenzhen International Intelligent Cockpit and Car Display Summit will give the "perfect answer" in all aspects!

Conference Background

With the evolution of automotive intelligence, OEMs are redefining their products and giving users a new perception of the car, the future of the car has arrived. Intelligent cabin is an important way to reflect the intelligence of the car in the face of consumers, but also through technology to achieve the core carrier of space shaping. Now the car display large multi-screen has become the norm, so that the cockpit presents a cool and rich sense of technology, at the same time, driving distraction, dazzling and other safety hazards also need to be addressed by automotive engineers.

In this context, Reed Exhibitions and OE Automotive co-hosted the "2022 Smart Cockpit and In-car Display Summit" at the same time as the Shenzhen International Touch and Display Show, to share and exchange views on hot topics such as new trends in smart cockpits, human-computer interaction development, large in-car screens, multi-screen linkage, better driving experience and how to ensure driving safety. To promote the development of China's smart car industry with knowledgeable people from all walks of life in the automotive industry.


Organized by:
Reed Exhibitions, OE Automotive

Supported by:
Spectrum Technology

Conference Focus:
Intelligent Cockpit, In-vehicle Display, In-vehicle Screen, Multimodal Fusion, Multi-screen Linkage, Human-Machine Interaction

Conference Date:
November 30, 2022

Conference Program






Speech from organizer
Speaker: OE Auto General Manager Zhou As


2022-2025 New Trends in Smart Car Technology Development
Speaker: Sun Xudong, Founder of LEAF Consulting


Application of Cockpit Arithmetic and Domain Controller in Automotive Industry
Speaker: Qi Zhang, Executive Vice President, Smart Research Institute, Hopewell New Energy Vehicle


Long-range passive infrared vehicle assisted driving solutions
Speaker: Wang Shuigen, R&D Director, Avery Optoelectronics


Lingwei High Resolution Solid State LIDAR
Speaker: Hong Li, CEO of Lingwei Intelligence


Lunch Break


Application Scenarios of in-vehicle camera in smart car era
Speaker: Niu Chenxiao, Cockpit Manager, Jiji Auto


Henkel in-car display solutions
Speaker: Henkel (China) Invesment Co.


Sensor Fusion for Smart Driving Mass Production
Speaker: Jisun Guo, Vice President of Jungsheng Electronics, President of Jungsheng Intelligent Vehicle Technology Research Institute


DMS vision solution to enhance driving safety
Speaker: MINIEYE


Computer Vision Technology in Harman ADAS and Intelligent Cockpit in Practice
Speaker: Miao Chehua, ADAS System and Technology Project Manager, HARMAN (China)


AR-HUD-The Future of Intelligent Networked Killer In-Vehicle Services
Speaker: Yang Yongche, General Manager, Great Wall Motor


Simulation-based Cockpit Monitoring Solutions
Speaker: Liu Yang, Application Engineer, Anxiety Technology