Oct.11th--13th ,2023
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center

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The new display is an important port for intelligent interaction and is an important support and foundation for emerging industries such as ultra-high definition video, the Internet of Things, and virtual reality. In recent years, with the accelerated rise of a new round of technology and an industrial revolution, the display industry and 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, and other new generations of information technology have continued to develop and integrate, making the market's downstream demand continue to expand. At the same time, the policies are good one after another, and China's new display industry development trend is good, maintaining a continuous high-speed growth trend. Data show that, up to now, China's new display industry has a total investment of more than 1.3 trillion yuan, and the mainland's panel production capacity accounted for more than 60% of the global proportion, making it the world's largest display panel production base. 

C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2022 will be held from November 30 to December 2 at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall). This year is the 15th anniversary of the Shenzhen International Touch and Display Show. As a new display and intelligent touch industry, the mission of the exhibition has always been to promote the development of display touch industry technology and create more applications for the display touch market. 

15 years ago, you and I emerged. 15 years later, you and I have witnessed the past and explored the future. Together with the next glorious years, the extraordinary heritage of precipitation awaits. Will this year's event present wonderful meetings, black technology, and new products? Stay tuned! 

Exploration Display touch technology innovation

Looking ahead to new trends in future interaction

All in 2022 Shenzhen International Touch and Display Show

Leading brands collaborate to produce a joint display and touch industry event

2022 Shenzhen International Touch & Display Show brings together display & touch screen manufacturers, material manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, and commercial display terminal companies to truly create a whole industry chain exhibition for the display and touch industry, a one-stop solution to your procurement, technical communication, and business expansion needs.

Display & Touch Screen Manufacturers

Material producers

Equipment manufacturing companies

Commercial Display

*The above are some of the exhibitors, in no particular order, subject to the site

Focus on industry applications to help industry interconnection

The event will provide an overview of the industrial integration of 5G and 8K UHD display technology, a new track of "touch" display, and a new era of "metaverse" interaction.

· Exchange cutting-edge technology: metaverse, new display, touch module, small, medium and large size panels, Mini/Micro LED, UTG, intelligent cabin & car display, commercial display, smart home, wearable electronics, new retail, Internet of Things, AR&VR, 5G industrial connectivity, and other high-tech products; See the trend, see the development

· Observe the ten applications: Focus on the core technology and manufacturing equipment of touch display in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, commercial display, industrial manufacturing, meta-universe, wearable devices, new retail, smart home, medical, education, and other industry applications

· Expanding industry contacts: Touch display academic, industry, and terminal application of the big names gathered to create a "display touch application development institute" to help the industry efficiently expand contacts, quickly build business bridges, and reach business cooperation

· Mastering innovative technologies: Gathering domestic touch display research institutes, universities, and high-tech enterprises to showcase advanced research technologies and see research results reproduce new breakthroughs

· Explore the blue ocean of the industry: 50+ frontier summits focusing on hot topics such as the metaverse, new display, Mini/Micro LED, AR/VR display, smart touch, smart home, smart cabin and car display, e-paper, smart business display, smart city, AI security, live machine, 5G industrial interconnection, etc.

· One-stop shopping: Discover the most recent materials and smart manufacturing solutions, including information on electronic component production and semiconductor packaging and testing processes, new display and smart touch manufacturing, automotive electronics technology, consumer electronics end-product manufacturing, and so on, displaying cutting-edge innovative technologies and comprehensive solutions for touch display, electronics manufacturing, the automotive industry, and so on.

· Experience multiple exhibition areas: Mini/Micro LED process key equipment and materials exhibition area, intelligent cabin and car display exhibition area, e-paper exhibition area, AR/VR innovative applications exhibition area, and other exhibition areas, focusing on the latest technology development of the industry to meet the needs of one-stop procurement, technical exchanges, and business development of enterprises 

Expert sharing; dialogue with great experts and new opportunities

2022 Shenzhen International Touch and Display Show will focus on the industry's hot topics and common difficulties in the field of exciting concurrent activities based on innovation, breaking bottlenecks, focusing on each subdivision track. A number of thematic forums will be opened, following the industry and market development trends and focusing on the latest information and hot business opportunities.


Conference Name 


Smart touch and new display technology 

2022 Shenzhen International New Display and Touch Elite Summit 

Nov. 30-Dec. 1 

2022 Ultra HD Video Display Industry Summit 

Dec. 1 

2022 China International Mini/Micro LED Industry Chain Development Summit 

Dec. 1-2 

The 2nd Global E-paper Technology and Application Summit Forum and Industry Research Conference 

Nov. 30 


The Seventh Empowerment | AR/VR Cross-border Integration Innovation Forum 

Dec. 1 

2022 China (Shenzhen) Metaverse and Digital Twin Application Innovation Summit 

Nov. 30 

Automotive / New Energy 

2022 Shenzhen International Intelligent Cockpit and In-vehicle Display Summit Forum 

Nov. 30 

2022 Shenzhen International New Energy Battery Membrane Materials Summit 

Dec. 1 

2022 Shenzhen International Car Coat Market and Color Change Industry Innovation Development Forum 

Dec. 1 

Commercial Display 

2022 Shenzhen International New Display and Touch Elite Summit 

Nov. 30-Dec. 1 

The 2nd Global E-paper Technology and Application Summit Forum and Industry Research Conference 

Nov. 30 

2022 AI Security and Intelligent Commercial Display Innovation Development Summit 

Dec. 1 

2022 Smart City and Display Industry Summit 

Dec. 1 

Digital China Smart Audiovisual Industry Development Summit (4th) 

Nov. 30 

Innovative scenarios 

2022 Smart Home Innovative Materials and Applications Summit 

Dec. 1 

2022 Live Broadcaster (Short Video) Industry Development and Scenario Application Summit Forum 

Dec. 2 

Functional Films and Tapes Technology 

2022 Shenzhen International Film and Tape Innovation and Development Summit 

Nov. 30 

Coating / Labeling 

2022 Coating Industry Standardization and High Quality Development Forum 

Nov. 30 

2022 The 8th Seminar on Die-cutting & Coating Process 

Dec. 1 

2022 Shenzhen International Label Innovation Technology Summit 

Dec. 2 

*More sessions will be updated continuously, subject to the show site

Some popular theme events revealed in advance

HOT√ Display Touch Institute

In order to promote the development of new display and smart touch upstream materials and equipment, display panels, touch panels, and finished commercial display applications must be developed by the whole industry chain of enterprises. In the context of extensive industry research, the Shenzhen International Touch and Display Show Project Team, a subsidiary of Reed Exhibitions, has established the "Display Touch Research Institute" to organize and unite technical experts, procurement leaders, and R&D leaders from touch panel, display panel, and Mini/Micro LED companies, as well as industry experts from smart cabin, smart home, smart wear, and metaverse-AR/VR to form an expert think tank. The online and offline communication activities created by the organizer will cover thematic salons, summit forums, and cloud classes. The exclusive "Display Touch Research Institute closed-door meeting" will discuss the pain points and solutions of key industry technology research and development and industrial scale production.


Register on the code to join the Display Touch Institute


HOT√ 2022 Shenzhen International Touch & Display Show Promotion Ambassador

As a show ambassador you will have access to:

-A group of like-minded industry friends

-Shenzhen International Touch and Display Show Ambassador Badge

-2022 Shenzhen International Touch and Display Show Ambassador Privileges 

-Exclusive ambassador gift package, ambassador VIP visit service, and year-round procurement matchmaking service privileges


Featured Services; More chances to receive your exhibit gifts

👉 TAP VIP Club

C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN is a business platform for high-quality visitors with purchasing needs or plans from display and touch companies, aiming to build a bridge with senior exhibitors. Here, you can get new information about products and technologies in the display and touch industry, communicate with your favorite exhibitors face-to-face, enjoy exclusive VIP services, and have an efficient exhibition experience.

TAP Club for exclusive gifts

● A warm electric grill for 5 or more matches

● A Mijia Xiaomi electric shaver for 8-12 matches

● A Mijia Xiaomi Smart Multifunctional Steamer for 13 matches or more

● A multifunctional lamp will be given as a TOP TAP 

● You will get a chance to win a 100 or 200 RMB Jingdong card if you participate in the matchmaking session at the show!

For information on TAP Club services please contact.

Mr. Li Di

Tel: 010-5933 9493

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👉 Group members receive goodies

Group members will receive:

- A business lunch

- A glass straw cup 

Group leader can get:

- One electric baking oven for 5-20 people

- A Xiaomi electric shaver for 21-50 people

- One Xiaomi Intelligent Multifunctional Steamer for 51-100 people 

- One Xiaomi Rice Cooker for 100 people or more

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- Organize 50 people to visit and get a FREE remote control tower fan

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*The above benefits are only available to the head of the group who nominates the list of the group to the organizer before the launch and verifies the presence of the group.

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Shenzhen International Touch & Display Show 2022 will collaborate with Shenzhen Commercial Display Technology Show, AUTOMOTIVE WORD CHINA, AMTS & AHTE South China 2022, and NEPCON ASIA Asia on a super exhibition feast of 120,000 square meters. The scale is unprecedented and is expected to attract more than 3,000 exhibitors to gather at the same time. The show will showcase the latest electronic components production and semiconductor packaging and testing processes, new display and smart touch manufacturing, automotive electronics technology, the latest materials, and smart manufacturing solutions related to the manufacture of consumer electronics end-products. We look forward to your arrival on November 30 through December 2.

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