November 6-8, 2024
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center


About the Show

Nov.6th-8th, 2024
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center


Date:  November 6-8, 2024
Venue: Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center
Organizer: RX Kuozhan (shanghai) Co., Ltd

C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN will be held at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center from November 6-8, 2024, as the iconic exhibition of intelligent touch and new display industry,  C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2024 will be combined with Commercial Display 2024, AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA 2024, AMTS & AHTE South China 2024 and NEPCON ASIA 2024, all up to five exhibitions at the same time. 160,000 square meters of super exhibition feast, the scale is unprecedented, is expected to attract More than 3,000 exhibitors and brands are expected to gather on the site to showcase the latest electronic components production and semiconductor packaging and testing processes, new display and smart touch manufacturing, automotive electronics technology, the latest materials and smart manufacturing solutions related to the manufacture of consumer electronics end products, a one-stop solution to your procurement, technology exchange, business development needs.


During the same period, new display technology, Intelligent cabin and automotive display, Mini/Micro LED, OLED, AR/VR wearable electronic technology, Smart touch technology,  Smart business display, AI and other hot topics will be combined to set up special exhibition areas and more than 50 thematic summit forums and seminars, as well as new product launches, to focus on cutting-edge industry trends and development. In addition, the exhibition will continue to provide TAP invited VIP buyer matching, the second space cloud exhibition, and other services to create innovative and diversified domestic and foreign business matching social opportunities for each visitor, one-stop capture-the-touch display industry trends and expand the industry business network.


Mini Micro LED Manufacturing Process

Mini LED/Micro LED manufacturing equipment and material

Mini LED/Micro LED chip

Mini LED/Micro LED chip substrate, epitaxial, chip processing equipment

Mini LED/Micro LED chip packaging, Die-bonding, Mass Transfer, testing, repair equipment

Mini LED/Micro LED Backlight Module

Mini LED/Micro LED backlight module processing equipment and materials

Manufacturing equipment

coating/developing/etching/cleaning equipment, deposition equipment, ink-jet printing equipment, laser devices, screen printing equipment, curing/drying equipment, laminating/dispensing equipment, testing equipment, cover processing equipment, robots, and mechanical components, intelligent transport, warehousing system, etc.

Commercial display application products

electronic whiteboard, commercial TV, monitor, LCD splicing screen, advertising machine, meeting board, laser projector, LED display screen, new retail system, supporting service provider of terminal display devices, etc.


consumables for screen printing, printing ink, high-functionality film, coating materials, etching agent/photoresist, a conductive film, glass substrate, in-vehicle glass, liquid crystal materials, OLED luminescent materials, polarizer, color filters, OCA optical film, backlight components, driver IC, etc.

Display screen

LCD screen, OLED display screen, mini/micro-LED display screen, in-vehicle display, QD-OLED

Touch Screen

in-vehicle display module


glass cover, UTG