Oct 12-14, 2022
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center
Oct 12-14, 2022
Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

About the Show


VENUE: Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

DATE: Oct 12-14, 2022

C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN will be held on October 12-14, 2022 at Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall), as the wind vane exhibition of intelligent touch and new display industry, for 15 years, reloaded. This year's exhibition will be held in conjunction with China Automotive Industry Technology Exhibition, Shenzhen Commercial Display Technology Exhibition and NEPCON ASIA Asia Electronic Production Equipment and Microelectronics Industry Exhibition and other exhibitions. The super exhibition feast of over 100,000 square meters is unprecedented in scale. It is expected to attract 100,000 industry quality buyers to the show.

The exhibition will bring together more than 3,000 exhibitors and brands from the upstream material technology and equipment process, touch screen, display panel, commercial display application products, as well as automotive electronics technology and consumer electronics terminal products from home and abroad to discuss the future scenario of the touch display industry and showcase innovative products and technology solutions. At the exhibition site, you will meet technology, R&D and procurement decision makers from the fields of touch panel, commercial display, automotive electronics, electronic components and semiconductors, automation and industrial control electronics, cell phone brand original manufacturers, mobile communications, etc. The industry coverage is broader, enhancing the business expansion and brand promotion efficiency of exhibitors in all aspects.

More than 50 summit forums will focus on hot topics such as new display, Mini/Micro LED, AR/VR wearable electronics, smart touch, holographic display, intelligent cabin and car display, smart business display, 5G industrial connectivity, etc. Combined with the unique TAP invited buyer program, online and offline marketing integration programs and creative activities, the show will provide one-stop insight into the cutting-edge industry dynamics and development trends The show will provide a one-stop insight into the cutting-edge industry trends and development, and grasp industrial business opportunities.

Exhibit Profile 

◆ Touchscreen


•  Resistance-type

•  Infrared

•  Surface acoustic wave,

•  Other

◆ Touchscreen materials

•  Silk-screen consumables

  High-functional film

  Cover lenses

  Vacuum coating materials

  Etching agents/photoresist

•  ITO film/ITO glass

  Silver nanowire

  Metal mesh


◆ Touchscreen manufacturing equipment

  Screen printing machines

  Coating film/developing/cleaning


  Laser cutting



  AOI/analysis meters/detectors


◆ Touchscreen/display screen application products

  Smart phones

  Tablet PCs/laptops

  Vehicle display screens

  Smart wearable devices


  Bank/financial self-service terminals

  Commercial retail self-service terminals

  Digital signage/advertisement players

  Electronic medical equipment


◆ Industrial vision and AI

  Industrial AI products

  Visual system integration products

  Visual core component products

  Detection and testing equipment

  Related corollary automation equipment

•  Other

◆ Display screen








◆ Display screen materials

  Substrate glass

  Liquid crystal materials


  Color filter

  Optical thin film

  Backlight modules

  Driving IC

  Target materials


◆ Display screen manufacturing equipment






  Polaroid attaching


  PI coating/curing

  Directional friction

  Liquid crystal injection/sealing

  Ink-jet printing


◆ 5G innovative materials and technology

  third-generation semiconductor materials

  PCB high-frequency and high-speed copper-clad plates

  LCP/MPI antennae

  metal middle-frame bezel

  microwave dielectric ceramics

  high thermal conductivity and EMC materials terminal shell materials chips

  RF devices

  Wireless charging

•  Other

About Organizers

Rx  Kuozhan is a joint-venture established by RX (a world-leading exhibition and conference organizer) and RX Kuozhan Co., Ltd. (a professional company focused on planning and organizing large and medium-sized exhibitions and conferences at home and abroad) in China in 2015. It is a world-leading exhibition organizer of the touch screen industry and one of the nine excellent member companies of RX in China. At present, the company will host industrial exhibitions annually in Shanghai and Shenzhen, including the widely known C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN, COMMERCIAL DISPLAY and FILM & TAPE EXPO. Apart from making the exhibition into a professional, one-stop and integrated industrial learning, procurement and experience platform, RX Kuozhan will host various professional technical forums in the same period annually to attract professional visitors and buyers from the intelligent terminal, automotive manufacturing, industrial control, aerospace, media and adverting, medical and smart home industries at home and abroad, to gain an insight about the most comprehensive and advanced product and technology solutions, and actively promote the rapid development of China and the global optoelectronic display industry.

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