Oct 12-14, 2022
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center

We want C-TOUCH & DISPLAY 2022 to be a highly productive business environment. To help you enhance your business connections, we have created a full range of complimentary, non-sponsored services prior, during and after the event. Upon completion of your visitor registration, you will automatically receive exhibitor recommendations via email. By clicking exhibitor links, you can view corresponding exhibitors’ company and product information, based on which you can plan your visit or onsite meetings. Our recommendations complement your own planning. Make the most of:


Personalised recommendations to easily discover relevant exhibitors and products

Discover exhibitors or products you might not have come across before

Save time searching the directory and preparing your visit

Structured events at the show to help expand your network



At-show buyer insight has shown that


Buyers are positive about, and place value in, a program that matches them with exhibitors

Buyers like & appreciate recommendations steering them in the right direction

Buyers said targeted recommendations helped them to be more efficient with their time at-show

Buyers said recommendations resulted in them having more meetings than they anticipated

Buyers said recommendations helped them find and meet new exhibitors.



How to participate?


l  Fully and accurately providing information regarding your industry sector, product interest and visiting objective in your visitor registration form.


l  Upon completion of visitor registration, you will receive personalised recommendations for products, exhibitors and sessions you might want to see at the event via email.


l  Recommendations are not sponsored and your details will not be shared with exhibitors – they are simply based on your self-declared interests on the show registration form. Make the most of them!




If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us.


Ms. Gina Li


Tel: 010-5933 9106


Email: haibin.li@reedexpo.com.cn