Oct.11th--13th ,2023
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center

business matching


Oct.11th--13th ,2023
Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

We help make your visit to the show more productive

We make Shenzhen International Touch & Display Show a more productive business environment. To help you expand your business contacts, we have created a full range of free, non-sponsored business matching (exhibitor referral) services before, during and after the show. After you complete your visitor pre-registration or on-site visit registration, the system will automatically recommend by email or WeChat a list of exhibitors that match the products you checked in your visitor registration form and the purpose of your visit, and you can click on the exhibitors' links to view their company and product details and refer to them to plan your visit or meeting. Make the most of these services:

  • View personalized recommendations to easily discover relevant exhibitors and products
  • Discover exhibitors or products you may not have seen before
  • Save time on directory searches and plan your visit efficiently
  • Structured events at the show to help you expand your business network


Buyer insights from the show floor show

  • Buyers respond positively to services that match them with the right exhibitors and recognize the value
  • Buyers like and appreciate exhibitor referrals for providing them with the right guidance for their visit
  • Buyer feedback that targeted referrals helped them use their time at the show more effectively
  • Buyer feedback that Exhibitor Referral helped them to achieve more and higher quality business meetings at the show
  • Buyer feedback on exhibitor referrals helped them find and meet new exhibitors at the show

How to Participate

  • Complete and submit your industry information, product interest and purpose of visit in the visitor registration form.
  • After completing your visitor registration, you will receive personalized recommendations of products, exhibitors, and concurrent events that you can expect to see at the show. Our recommendations are a useful supplement to your own visit planning.

Referrals are not sponsored, and your information will not be shared with exhibitors - they are based solely on your own interests as indicated on the visitor registration form. Make the most of these referrals!


For more information, please contact:

Ms. Li Haibin
Tel: 010-5933 9106
Email: haibin.li@rxglobal.com