November 6-8, 2024
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center


November 6-8, 2024
Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center


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BOE Technology Group Co.

As a global IoT innovator, BOE exhibits a series of innovative technology products such as an 8K ultra-HD solution, smart all-in-one machine, touch display, etc. BOE's profound technology heritage and innovation strength are comprehensively displayed, presenting an unparalleled technology feast to the outside world.

Thanks to the organizer for providing us with attentive and considerate services, we have completed the program display smoothly. During this exhibition, there are not only many professional customers to consult on-site, but also the organizer provides an online communication platform so that many online customers have targeted to match with us. Finally, I sincerely hope the exhibition will be better and better so that upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain can better communicate and learn!

TCL Huaxing Optoelectronics Technology Co.

TCL Huaxing brings a full range of large, medium, and small-size display products to the 2021 Shenzhen International Touch and Display Show. We are very grateful to the organizer for giving our exhibitors a very high-quality industry exchange platform, especially in the field of commercial display, which is very good to promote the positive development of the commercial display industry and the complete improvement of the upstream and downstream industrial supply chain, so that our enterprises and consumers can jointly perceive the market opportunities and changes in life brought by touch technology and product/commercial display solutions The market opportunities and life changes brought by innovations in touch technology and products/commercial display solutions. We hope that the Shenzhen International Touch and Display Show will get better and better and become more and more sophisticated.

Lai Chengyong, Marketing Director, Skyworth Optoelectronics (Shenzhen) Co.

This is the first time that Skyworth Optoelectronics has participated in Shenzhen International Touch and Display Show with its full series of products, and the period was full of harvest.

First of all, we thank the organizer for providing an excellent platform for display and communication. The comprehensive promotion of the exhibition attracted many professional visitors to come and visit the show, allowing the market to have a better understanding of Skyworth's brand and a deeper knowledge of the touch control industry. It also allows companies and visitors to see the broad opportunities and prospects of the industry. Here, I wish the touch display industry to flourish and Shenzhen International Touch and Display Show to get better and better!

Tianma Microelectronics Co.

Tianma Microelectronics Co. Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the display industry. This exhibition is an ideal platform for Tianma to showcase its technology and products, understand the industry trends, etc. Tianma successfully completed the exhibition, display promotion and group visit, and successfully promoted the company's brand to achieve the expected purpose. Under the recommendation of the organizer, Tianma got in touch with many high-quality potential customers and interested suppliers on the exhibition site, and there were many professional visitors and enthusiastic negotiations. The 15 summit forums held at the same time were rich and comprehensive on new technologies, development directions and other industry hotspots. The exhibition went very well, and I wish C-Touch and Display Show will be better and better!

Rui Zhong, MAXHUB Marketing Manager

MAXHUB brought several innovative products to the Shenzhen Commercial Display Technology Exhibition. As an ideal platform to gather upstream and downstream related manufacturers, industry topics, including the future development direction between upstream and downstream industries, can be fully exchanged at the show, which can play an inspiring role in industry development trends, business R&D, and future product direction. Secondly, from the exhibition audience, there are many integrators, engineers, dealers, and users who arrive at the site to have full communication with us, which achieves our expected goal in business promotion, and through the platform of the exhibition, there are full communication opportunities with potential customers.

Nicco Zou, Vice President of Wuhu Changxin Technology Co.

Thank you very much to the organizer for providing such a high-quality platform for communication and display, and their efforts and contributions! Although it is the first time for Changxin Technology to participate in the exhibition, we also brought the latest technology and products to the show, such as foldable covers, VR, flexible wearable modules, car curved covers, and so on. During the exhibition, we did a full exchange with our partners in the upstream and downstream industry chain and gained a lot. Changxin Technology is committed to the design and manufacture of integrated touch display products and hopes that through this exhibition and industry chain partners to win-win cooperation and common progress. Also, wish Shenzhen International Touch and Display Show more and more refined and better!

Cui Junfeng, Deputy General Manager of Marketing Department, Anhui Jingzhuo Optical Display Technology Co.

For two consecutive years, we have been invited to participate in Shenzhen International Touch and Display Show. Through the show, we not only showcased the cutting-edge touch display technology but also had more in-depth professional communication with the audience and industry experts. Thanks to the organizer's careful service before and after the show, we hope that Shenzhen International Touch & Display Show will continue to be held and look forward to the next cooperation!

Ltd. Chairman/ General Manager Su Zhile

As the leader of ultra-thin and flexible glass cover technology in China, Su Chuan Technology, as the new darling of intelligent media, presented its ultra-thin and flexible glass cover products of 30-100um thickness, 6.9 inches-151 inches in multiple specifications at Shenzhen International Touch and Display Show 2021. Folding Glass (UTG) technology and performance characteristics. Here, I would like to thank the organizer for providing a broad platform for Sugang Technology in brand communication, influence diffusion, project investment, and wealthy cooperation to help enterprises stand at the "smart display windbreak" and seize the "Internet of everything opportunity", and accurately grasp the industry dynamics and trends. In addition, the touch display industry has entered the intelligent acceleration track to unlock more scenes and expand greater business opportunities. We wish the Shenzhen International Touch and Display Show to get better and better and continue to strive for new heights!

Lin Jinxi, Chairman of Changzhou Amadon Co.

Thank you for the warm invitation from the organizer. As a quality and strong exhibition leading the industry trend, it is a one-stop showcase of the ecological charm of the touch display industry. Changzhou Amaton has been exhibiting for many years. We show our brand and spread our products at the exhibition, and also receive information from all sides to continuously improve our brand influence and technology. The glass cover, light guide, diffusion panel, and full lamination technology we brought this time gained the attention and support of many new and old customers. Once again, we would like to thank the organizers of this exhibition for their care arrangements and the hard work of the staff. We believe that with the joint promotion and efforts of all of you, the Chinese touch panel industry will continue to develop in a more standardized, healthy, and orderly direction in the future.

General Manager of Topmy Group Electronic Equipment Chen Mingjian

Counting up to the third year, we should exhibit at this exhibition, because from the top of the rice cognition, we believe that the Shenzhen Touch and Display Show has a high degree of professionalism, visibility, and recognition, so we choose to continuously exhibit at the top of the rice, is expected to continue to exhibit next year.

Lin Jinxi, Chairman of Changzhou Amadon Co.

Gao Ren New Material has been focusing on optical adhesives for 15 years, positioning itself in the research and development, production, sales, and service of high-end optical adhesives. We are grateful to the organizer for providing us with a high-quality communication platform, which allows us to have targeted docking and opinion exchange with upstream and downstream suppliers. Finally, we hope that Shenzhen International Touch and Display Show will be better and better and continue to contribute to the vigorous development of the industry.