Oct.11th--13th ,2023
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center

quanchu exhibition highlights


Oct.11th--13th ,2023
Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

Exhibition Highlights

Focus on industry applications, help industry interconnection

Industry integration: One stop to see the industry integration of 5G and 8K UHD display technology, "touch" the new track of display, and open a new era of "metaverse" interaction.

Exchange cutting-edge technology: metaverse, new display, touch module, small, medium and large size panels, Mini/Micro LED, UTG, intelligent cabin & car display, commercial display, smart home, wearable electronics, new retail, Internet of Things, AR&VR, 5G industrial connectivity and other high-tech products, see the trend, see the development.

Observe the ten applications: Focus on the core technology and manufacturing equipment of touch display in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, commercial display, industrial manufacturing, meta-universe, wearable devices, new retail, smart home, medical, education and other industry applications.

Expand industry contacts: Touch display academic, industry, terminal application of the big names gathered to create a "display touch application development institute", help the industry to efficiently expand contacts, quickly build business bridges, to reach business cooperation.

Mastering innovative technology: Gathering domestic touch display research institutes, universities and high-tech enterprises to showcase advanced research technology and see research results reproduce new breakthroughs.

Explore the blue ocean of the industry: 50+ frontier summits focusing on hot topics such as metaverse, new display, Mini/Micro LED, AR/VR wearable electronics, smart touch, holographic display, intelligent cockpit and car display, smart business display, 5G industrial connectivity, etc.

Contact with international experts: Japanese display companies exhibit in a group, more than 100 international brands, a glimpse of the industry's cutting-edge technology without leaving home.

Experience multiple exhibition areas: Mini/Micro LED process key equipment and materials exhibition area, intelligent cabin and car display exhibition area, AR/VR application scene innovation exhibition area, global display industry award-winning products exhibition area, precision optical & camera module and machine vision exhibition area, etc., focusing on the latest technology development of the industry, to meet the one-stop procurement, technology exchange and business expansion of enterprises demand.

One-stop-shopping: Learn about the latest materials and intelligent manufacturing solutions covering the production of information electronic components and semiconductor packaging and testing processes, new display and smart touch manufacturing, automotive electronics technology, consumer electronics terminal product manufacturing, etc. The exhibition will showcase cutting-edge innovative technologies and comprehensive solutions for touch display, electronics manufacturing, automotive industry, and application areas, grasp the latest industry trends, gain insight into It will help enterprises to negotiate with the upstream and downstream of the industry and reach business cooperation.