Oct.11th--13th ,2023
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center

The 7th Empowering AR/VR Cross-Border Integration Innovation Forum will be held soon

Event Background

AR/VR virtual reality continues to deepen and expand, bringing a huge impact on economic and social life; AR/VR industry is on the rise, gradually changing people's production and lifestyle. All walks of life have started to pay attention to AR/VR, hoping that the new technology can help their own industry development. The 7th Empower | AR/VR Cross-border Integration Innovation Forum will focus on AR/VR industry applications, promote the deep integration of AR/VR technology with various fields of society, and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. The forum aims to build an international, professional and vertical B2B business matching platform with the core services of expanding contacts, product release, brand promotion, investment negotiation and business cooperation.

2022 The 7th Empowering AR/VR Cross-border Integration and Innovation Forum will bring together senior leaders of authoritative institutions, governing units of industry associations, members of associations, industry experts from research institutes and other key industry nodes to play the functions and roles of each element, deeply discuss industry integration and innovation development, and jointly promote the AR/VR industry to the fast lane of development under the east wind of 5G commercialization and popularization. At the same time, it will build a B2B platform for the production suppliers and purchasing consumers in the virtual reality/augmented reality industry to display technology, exchange information, expand contacts and purchase products.

Forum Information

Event Name: The 7th Empowerment | AR/VR Cross-border Integration Innovation Forum
Theme: "Cross-border integration and innovation in the future"
Event scale: 200 people
Event Date: December 1, 2022


Forum Highlights

  1. Business integration, subvert the tradition
    AR/VR industry and professionals in various fields will have one-on-one in-depth communication, discuss the application of AR/VR technology in various fields, provide business cooperation opportunities, and start a new wave of AR/VR industry together.

  2.  Industry giants, forward-looking layout
    Gathering industry giants, experts and scholars from home and abroad to discuss the opportunities, demands and visions of AR/VR development in various industries and plan the future development direction of the industry.

  3.  Cross-border field, precise matchmaking
    The audience will be invited to experience the new AR/VR industry applications on site, providing the most real and effective feedback data for AR/VR industry and various fields.

  4.  Application landing, comprehensive promotion
    Showcasing new products, technologies and cases in AR/VR field, helping AR/VR enterprises to develop in traditional fields, and jointly promoting the progress of AR/VR industry in China.

  5.  Leveraging the trend to renew the future
    With the advantage of B2B trade platform of Weize.com, the head media of AR/VR industry, we will build a bridge of communication and cooperation between AR/VR industry and traditional industry to promote the development of AR/VR industry and accelerate the advent of the new wave of AR/VR application in China.


Hosted by: Shenzhen Augmented Reality Technology Application Association Shanghai Reed Expansion Exhibition Co.

Organized by: Weiser.com

Cooperation media to be invited: CCTV, People's Daily, Nanfang Daily, Baoan Daily, Shenzhen News, Sina VR, VR.com, Weze.com, e-fancier, magnesium.com, Qingting.com, ARINCHINA, Yibang Power.com, etc.

Participating Groups:

  •  Representatives of government agencies.
  • VR/AR industry application and research scholars.
  •  Representatives of VR/AR industry associations, enterprises, alliances, and bases experts at home and abroad.
  • VR/AR equipment, content, hardware manufacturing, technology and product manufacturers.
  • Industry consultants and operation management experts.
  • Industry investment and financing institutions.
  • Media reporters, etc.








Moderator Opening, Introducing Guests


Sharing the $200 billion blue ocean market, how to implement AR in thousands of industries

Shao Huaqiang, General Manager of Overseas Business Division & South China Region, Hangzhou Lingwan Technology Co.


Metaverse construction brings new industry changes

Penghang Xiong – Founder and CEO of HaoCun Technology


The application and landing of VR in the 5G era

Li Wenquan, General Manager of Shenzhen Skyworth New World Technology Co.


The large-scale landing of AR in the consumer side under 5G environment

Li Jianyi – Founder and CEO of Pacific Future Technology


AR empowers traditional culture science popularization

Li Enxiang, Deputy General Manager, Shenzhen Bolle Information Technology Co.


Business card exchange and communication