November 6-8, 2024
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center

The big experts discuss - FTID Shenzhen International Film and Tape Innovation and Development Summit is about to shine!

Market Background

Along with the development of consumer electronics, automotive, new energy, medical, smart business display and other end-use applications, the functional film and adhesive tape industry, as the upstream material support, is meeting the market demand for industrial upgrading such as "high quality, functionalization, diversification and sustainability", while also promoting the change of the traditional industry. With the upgrading of consumer electronics technology, 5G applications have brought about strong demand for materials.

For the purpose of technological innovation in the functional film and adhesive tape industry, accelerating industrial upgrading, discussing the future development trend of the industry, promoting the sustainable development of the functional film and adhesive tape industry and the upstream and downstream industry chains, and further exchanging and discussing the latest research results achieved in the field of film and tape applications. In this context, the 2022 Shenzhen International Film and Adhesive Tape Innovation and Development Summit, organized by Shanghai Reed, will be held on November 30 at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center. The Forum will invite renowned experts and scholars in this field to share the latest research results with the audience and make wonderful reports.


Forum Information

Conference time: November 30, 2022
Conference Venue: Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Baoan New Hall)
Conference scale: 500 people
Organizer: Shanghai Reed Expansion Exhibition Co.

Conference Focus

  • Analysis of the current situation and future development of the high-functional film industry
  • Global Release Material Market Overview
  • Development and Trends of Key Film Materials for Optical Displays
  • Application of Adhesive Tapes in the Electronics Industry
  • ·nnovative Trends in Foaming Materials
  • Technical Development of Power Battery Isolation Film
  • Types of Adhesive Additives and Market Development Applications
  • Applications and Challenges of OCA Optical Adhesives in the Display Industry
  • Research Status and Commercial Prospects of Transparent Conductive Materials
  • Thermal and electromagnetic shielding materials
  • Thin Film In-line Surface Coating Process and Characteristics
  • Application of High Precision Infrared Defect Detection and Thickness Measurement on Functional Films
  • Analysis and Selection of Round Knife/Flat Knife Die-cutting Process Technology
  • Polarizer surface treatment hardening film technology and application
  • VOCs waste gas treatment technology and case study in coating industry








Global Adhesive Market Development Report



The function of OCA optical adhesive and its application



Adhesive materials in the field of consumer electronics

Yingchuang/Maitu/Bos Adhesive/Kaiten


Environmentally friendly hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive material solutions

Lushan New Material


Lunch Break


Dexa makes the world stick together

Dexa Tape (Shanghai) Co.


Application and Development of Optical Transparent Adhesives

Bonggu Chemical


Development trend of polyimide base film for folding screen cell phone cover



PE waterproof foam adhesive characteristics and applications

Jiangxi Taichen New Material Co.


Innovative Silicone Film Product Outlook



Application of release filmsin 5G materials

Stik/Guo Feng/Shuangxing


In-line surface defect inspection solution for thin film

Equipment Manufacturers


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