November 6-8, 2024
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center

2022 Coating Industry Standardization and High Quality Development Forum unites the standardization power of the industry chain to build a high-quality coating ecosystem

The "Standardization and High-Quality Development of the Coating Industry" forum is organized by the China Academy of Printing Science and Technology, the National Technical Committee for Printing Machinery Standardization and Reed Exhibitions, and will be held during the 2022 Shenzhen International Film & Tape Exhibition and the 2022 Flexible Web Processing Technology Exhibition. This forum will be held during Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition 2022 and Flexible Web Processing Technology Exhibition 2022, with the theme of "Gathering the standardization power of the industry chain and building a high-quality coating ecosystem", aiming at gathering the industry's strength to build a new standard system for the coating industry chain, focusing on the interactive development of standardization and technological innovation, and providing a broad platform for the upstream and downstream enterprises of the coating industry chain to show high standards leading innovation. The forum will accelerate the exchange of information on technological innovation across the industry chain through the latest coating technology and application cases, promote the scientific cause of coating and industrial technology development in China, and create a mutually beneficial and win-win future.

ICE CHNA 2022 is the sister exhibition of ICE Europe, a well-known European Converting industry exhibition in China, which brings together world-renowned flexible web processing companies and experts from scientific research institutions to focus on the processing of flexible sheet materials such as functional films, tapes, labels, metal foils, nonwovens and films. The show is dedicated to the research and development of new technologies for the processing of flexible sheet materials such as functional films, tapes, labels, metal foils, nonwovens and films, bringing proven solutions for various applications from flexible packaging, electronics, adhesive tapes, food and beverage, special printing, display screens, lithium batteries, automotive, construction, etc.

Event Highlights
Expert contributions

Beijing Institute of Printing

China Academy of Printing Science and Technology

Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co.

Jiangsu Wujiu Design and Construction Co.

Beijing Printed Electronics Engineering Technology Research Center

Guangdong Oger Precision Machine Technology Co.

Kungshan Dayang Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co.

Xi’an Aerospace Huayang Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co.

Beiren Intelligent Equipment Technology Co.


Hebei Lekai Chemical Engineering Design Co.

Hengshui HongYu Technology Co.

China Paper Online Xingtai New Materials Co.

Shantou Jinhuo Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Technology Co.

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Top-level Organization
Coating machine standardization working group inauguration ceremony

The first national standard in the field of coating released - "Coating Machine Terminology

The standard defines the terms and definitions of coating types, structural components, main parts and coating quality of coating machines and is applicable to teaching, research, design, manufacturing, preparation of related technical documents and books and technical communication in the coating machine industry.

The standard as one of the important basic standards in the field of coating machine, for the distribution of different books, standards or literature in the terminology of the centralized comb, the use of standardized means to select or establish the most appropriate terminology through the strict definition of the concept, to reduce the phenomenon of multiple meanings and synonyms, in order to avoid ambiguity and misunderstanding in the process of information exchange.

Terminology standards for the design, manufacture, testing and use of coating machines compiled a "common language", but also for the subsequent development of coating machine products and process standards laid a solid foundation.



Series of books released - "Coating Composite Technology", "Coating Composite Materials", "Coating Composite Quality Control

About the Author

Dr. Li Luhai, Director of Beijing Printed Electronics Engineering Research Center, is a professor and a senior engineer at professor level. He is the academic leader of China Photoreceptor Society. He is a member of the Sensory Standard Committee, Digital Standard Committee, Editor of Information Recording Materials Magazine, a member of the expert pool of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Deputy Secretary General of the National Printed Electronics Industry Technology Innovation Alliance. National printing and publishing industry leading talents, excellent teacher of Beijing Civic Science Course.


Precise Invitation
Precise invitations to the meeting for the heads of coating-related enterprises

LOGO display, product exposure, speech, and Various angles such as in-depth soft copy to enhance the brand image of the enterprise and enhance the influence of the enterprise brand





Leadership speech


Coating machine working group establishment ceremony


National standar “Coating Machine Terminology” released and promulgated


Coating Supply Chain Technology Exchange Forum (6)


Coating and Laminating Professional Series Author Interpretation and Book Signing


High-level roundtable communication dinner