November 6-8, 2024
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center

Shenzhen International Touch and Display Show together with five major portals to hold the "Smart Audiovisual Industry Development Summit" in November will bloom in Pengcheng

Conference Background

After the baptism of the general environment and the change of wisdom digitalization, the wisdom audiovisual industry gradually enters the ecological development. To promote the ecology of life scenes with audiovisual, and promote the ecology of audiovisual industry with life scenes. In the hardware maturation, technology-based, software perfection, platform wisdom on the road, the major enterprises are also with their own characteristics of the eight immortals, each show their skills.

  • Hundred billion market, who can go forward?
  • Million-level production capacity, who can sing?
  • How to innovate and create in the era of wisdom?
  • Synergy and co-creation, how to join forces?

To create a strong joint brand fleet, break the barriers between the industry and enterprises, and open a new era of sustainable development of the audiovisual industry through collaborative co-creation.

In order to discuss these issues of common concern in the industry, China Investment Media has joined hands with its professional audiovisual media such as China Projection Network, Digital Signage Network, Audio Network, China Audiovisual Network and LED Screen Network to jointly create the "Smart Audiovisual Industry Development Summit Forum". Industry elites gathered in Shenzhen to discuss the industry's sustainable development plan.

Conference Information

Organizer: Shanghai Reed Exhibitions, China Investment Media, Audiovisual Association
Co-organizers: China Projection Network, China Audiovisual Network, LED Large Screen Network, Audio Network, Digital Signage Network
Event Time: November 30, 2022
Venue: Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center
Conference scale: 150 people

Conference Focus:

  • Intelligent audiovisual industry convergence
  • Digital signage scenario-based application of the new blue ocean
  • Large screen projection laser industry ecological chain wisdom audio-visual


Conference Schedule

The conference is intended to invite guests from well-known enterprises, such as Centronics, AotuCode, Zuoming, Lehman, Sony, Xiongyun, Zuoyu, Digital People Group, NEC, BitVision, Eko International, etc., to explore the value of the industry as a driving force, accelerate the accumulation of high-end business contacts, gather industry quality resources as a synergy, deepen the connection between enterprises, seek common development of the audiovisual industry as the driving force, offer advice for the development of the industry, form a Strong influence of the audiovisual industry, enhance industry cohesion. At the same time, it will capture more creativity of innovative thinking, bring face-to-face communication opportunities for entrepreneurs and experts in the industry, explore cooperation opportunities, and bring more infinite possibilities for sustainable development of the industry.