November 6-8, 2024
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center

2022 Shenzhen International Touch and Display Show electronic paper area to grasp unlimited business opportunities

The paper is brighter than ever

Electronic paper technology is actually a new type of display technology, the English name is: E-paper, generally can realize like paper reading comfort, ultra-thin and lightweight, bendable, ultra-low power consumption characteristics of the reflective display called electronic paper.

Our common electronic paper devices are: Kindle readers, electronic paper shelf labels, information signs, displays and other devices.

Based on the application of color e-paper technology, the traditional products of e-paper e-reader will face another surge in demand, especially in the United States, China, Europe and other major economies, online browsing, digital reading habits are becoming popular, and the habit of paying for content is gradually developed. Meanwhile, benefiting from the global deployment of 5G, big data, and the Internet of Things, the continued expansion of e-paper application scenarios is expected to reach $72.3 billion by 2025, according to data from RUNTO.

At the same time, among the more than 3,000 invention patents (excluding appearance and utility models and doing global de-duplication) applied by RUNTO from 2015 to the present, the number of China (including mainland China and Taiwan) reached nearly 80%, and from the number of applications, Yuantai Technology is far ahead with the first place. In recent years, the global electronic paper upstream and downstream manufacturers, universities and other kinds of institutions have begun to increase investment in the research and development of electronic paper technology, believe that the electronic paper product explosion is coming.


2021-2025F Global e-paper end product overall market size forecast

Data source: RUNTO, unit: USD billion

This shows that electronic paper is receiving more and more attention, and the "13th Five-Year National Display Industry Development Plan" clearly points out that new display devices will be listed as a strategic emerging industry. It is believed that in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, continuing to vigorously develop new display devices and accelerating technological innovation will remain the main strategic objectives of the display industry. Benefiting from the deployment of global 5G, big data, Internet of Things, the continued expansion of e-paper application scenarios, according to RUNTO data, the overall market size of global e-paper end products is expected to reach $72.3 billion by 2025.

E-paper technology as an emerging display product to accelerate to the market, office display, medical display, transportation display, commercial display and other display applications continue to expand. Driven by both technological innovation and application expansion, the e-paper display industry is bringing new opportunities to the global market. In order to meet the demand for one-stop procurement, technology exchange and business expansion of the e-paper industry, the exhibition site of Shenzhen Commercial Display Technology Expo 2022 will have a special "e-paper zone". Covering the global e-paper upstream, midstream and downstream enterprises, we will jointly create a feast for the industry on paper.


E-paper zone Infinite business opportunities

1. Efficient display

Efficiently meet with target buyers and showcase innovative products and solutions. Matching with buyers of your choice, the e-paper zone will help you!

2. Industry Gathering

Industry colleagues gather, a hundred schools of thought, a hundred flowers bloom. Exhibit ace products, establish a clear brand tone, enough personality, enough innovation, the audience will not forget, orders will come immediately!


3. Technology breakthrough

Homogeneous products are endless, how to stand out, in the electronic paper area "look in the mirror", jump out of itself to see itself, to facilitate the follow-up development of brand technology and innovation, to discover a new track of business!


4. Reunited with a new look

A true master, at all times is not surprised by changes. Come to a "long-planned" reunion with new and old customers in the e-paper area of Shenzhen Commercial Display Technology Exhibition! Tell your industry colleagues that you are doing well! It's better with friends!


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Scope of Exhibits

  • Color Electronic Paper
  • Flexible Electronic Paper
  • Electronic paper film
  •  Electronic paper TFT backplane
  • E-paper Module
  • Electronic paper display driver chip
  • Electronic Ink
  • ·Electronic paper auxiliary materials

Enterprises to be invited

At the same time, the 2022 Shenzhen Commercial Display Technology Exhibition will also be held at the same time e-paper industry development summit forum. As the application scene of the electronic paper industry continues to expand, the global electronic paper end product's overall market potential is huge. But at present, the electronic paper industry still exists, and many attacks are problems. B-end label product occupies the main position, and C-end consumer electronic product manufacturer research and development investment is insufficient. At the same time, e-paper technology breakthroughs and mass production are relatively slow, leading to a huge incremental market of C-end consumer electronics products user experience is poor and failed to obtain mass market recognition. Shenzhen commercial display technology exhibition deeply focuses on industrial problems, to explore the road of industrial development and commercialization.

Special Recommendation

E-paper Industry Development Summit Forum

Forum time: November 30

Forum Venue: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall)

Organizer: Guangdong Electronic Paper Association, Shanghai Reed Exhibitions Co.

Co-organizer: Beijing Luodu Hetu Technology Co.

Guiding Unit: China Electronic Video Industry Association Public Information Branch


Topics in Focus:

  •  E-paper Display Technology Development and Outlook
  • Prospects of E-paper Technology in the Pan-Retail Industry
  • The Application and Future of ESL Electronic Price Tag
  • Paperless reading leads a new generation of reading fashion
  • E-paper in smart office, smart education, smart traffic application status and prospect
  • AI + e-paper in innovative applications of ideas and cases
  • Technology development and commercialization of color e-paper
  • E-paper chip technology development and outlook

Proposed Conference Schedule




Conference opening, leadership speech

Opening Speech

The Past and Present of Electronic Paper Technology

Yuantai Technology

Data Release

Global E-paper Industry Technology and Application Development Report 2022

Roto Technology (RUNTO)

Leadership Sharing


E-paper display technology development sharing

Electronic paper module enterprise representatives

Authoritative release


The e-paper-related product standards" "e-paper reading new enterprise standard leader" work started

Electronic paper enterprise representatives

Leadership Sharing


Business value and opportunities of e-paper technology under new retail

Representatives of e-paper label companies

Leadership Sharing

The differentiation and enrichment of e-paper tablet application scenarios

Representatives of e-paper tablet companies

Summit Dialogue

Challenges and breakthroughs of electronic paper in the double carbon trend

Association leaders, industry experts, corporate guests

Initiative Session

Initiative on Promoting the High-Quality Development of the Global Electronic Paper Industry

Association leaders, industry experts, corporate guests

End of the meeting, group photo

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