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Official Statement | C Touch & Display Collaborates with Korea Display Industry Association to Launch the Korean Week Serial Events in November

Recently, South Korean panel giant Samsung Display has declared that it would quit the LCD market by end of this year and would focus on expanding its QD-OLED segment. Following LG Display, Samsung Display will also officially exit the LCD market, which smacks of a transformation period for the global display industry. That the production and supply chain systems inch closer towards the Chinese mainland has become a common understanding, while the rise of Chinese power is reshaping the new pattern of the display industry. Meanwhile, it presents new requirements for Chinese panel makers concerning the layout of next-generation display technology.

Taking the lead in panel production, China and South Korea exert a profound impact on the global display industry. How to complement each other and achieve win-win results while joining hands to foster the sustainable development of the display industry are the common issues drawing attention from government personnel and industry insiders in the two countries. In order to strengthen the mutual trust between the industries in China and South Korea and promote the business communication between South Korea’s upstream materials, equipment enterprises and China’ panel makers, 2020 C Touch & Display in Shenzhen will collaborate with Korea Display Industry Association to present the “South Korean delegations”, integrating the superior resources of the industry, exploring the future business opportunities and building an ecological circle for the photoelectric display industry.

South Korean Delegations Coming, Presenting an International Event

With years of earnest efforts, C Touch & Display in Shenzhen has become an influential brand, home and abroad. Featuring a growing scale and higher audience quality, the event now involves international participation to a larger degree. In the OLED field, South Korean manufacturers boast a leading advantage concerning the effective production capacity and the completeness of industry chain. With the tremendous support of Korea Display Industry Association, 2020 C Touch & Display will gather around a good many upstream materials, equipment manufacturers from South Korea. Taking an international perspective, the event will showcase the state-of-the-art products and technological solutions of South Korea across the board, while facilitating the coordinated market development of China and South Korea, and thus complementing each other’s advantages and sharing resources altogether.

Overseas Orders Available, New Market for Win-win Cooperation

As Samsung Display and LG Display are expediting the end of LCD production, LCD makers on the Chinese mainland are taking the dominant position by means of the competitive costs, effective production lines and supporting advantage of the industry chain. Besides, the South Korean panel makers can command the field thanks to the country’s support to upstream materials, equipment enterprises as well as the building of the whole industrial chain. This time, the South Korean delegations will rely on its technological advantages to attract more professional buyers of the terminal applications with the purchase demand of the next year, thus creating opportunities for participating exhibitors to accept orders in advance. Moreover, panel makers on the mainland will make the full use of the event to obtain firsthand the market information overseas in a highly cost-effective manner, thus increasing the number of suppliers for future considerations.  

State-of-the-art Solutions, Firsthand Information Online and Offline

At the event, the South Korean delegations will present a visual feast in the most straightforward way for audience on the spot, with a myriad of new materials and equipment. In addition, the event relies on itself to promote the exhibition and launches several forums online and offline, helping solve various technological difficulties. The organizer will invite the authoritarian experts and leading corporate representatives from South Korea to share their leading products and technological solutions, while expounding the development prospect of market subdivisions. The three-day event will witness over 20 serial forums with loads of concrete results, thus enabling you to understand the opportunities and challenges confronting the future market development of China and South Korea.

ABOUT C-touch and Display

C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2020 will be held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on November 19-21, 2020. Some other important conferences and expos, such as FILM & TAPE EXPO, ICDE and IATE will also be held during the same period. Asa most influential annual grand industrial conference of the global touch screen industry, it will attract about 1,000 exhibitors and brands to show innovative and technical solutions to 40,000 professional buyers from many industries including consumer electronics, vehicle electronics, commercial display, smart home, smart medications and industrial control.