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Display Show: Is it necessary to break the "default rule" and regulate industry standards for the industry?

Display Show learned that since 2020 the entire LED display industry silence, this year's display market gradually began to recover. And in recent years, the focus of attention of the display industry has gradually leaned toward the middle and high-end, small micro-pitch products and other products with high technology content. China's LED display industry has been at the forefront of the world, there are 70% of LED screen enterprises in China, for industry technology and new product development, Chinese screen enterprises are the leaders. This has also led to a very important but has been ignored: LED display industry standards and norms, followed by the domestic screen enterprises have been the "default rules", and this default rules obviously does not always support the LED display industry has been maintained efficient high-speed development. And with the gradual acceleration of technology iteration, this problem will be more prominent.


The resistance to the development of industry standards

The entire development history of the world LED display industry is only a few decades, Chinese screen enterprises have been in the fumbling forward. The industry has also been in a very difficult situation, technology handling and price war once proliferated, becoming screen enterprises can not get out of the quagmire. Although the LED display industry entry requirements are high, but after entering the industry, understand the basic technical principles and production elements, you can quickly copy another screen enterprise products, which also led to the "copycat products" proliferation, the industry was once highly similar in appearance, but the quality of products of varying quality in the international reputation crisis. LED display products are no longer high-end display terminal products, as the street advertising, as annoying. The reason for this phenomenon, first of all, the entire LED display hair history is too short. Several decades of industry development time, far from enough to form a new industry standard. China is a large agricultural country running into the industrial powerhouse countries, other industries can still learn from the history. But the LED display industry as a new industry, to learn from nowhere to find, only been in the trial and error to figure out. And the superposition of this factor of too fast development of science and technology, making the formation of industry standards further increase the difficulty.

Display show learned that the development of China's LED display history is very short, but also very fast. In the history of the development of the same period, there are cell phones and computers and other electronic products in China's development history seems extremely similar, but in fact the essence is particularly different. The current technology iteration of cell phone computer is also very fast, but still and LED industry is fundamentally different, is the core technology and product objects, cell phone computer and other electronic products core technology for a long time is controlled by foreign enterprises, China has kept pace, but many times still in a passive position. Until recent years, China's information technology began to compete with international enterprises, the status of state-owned enterprises is gradually rising. The development of the whole industry is in the case of the foundation "to take its essence, to its dregs", but the LED display industry is different, since the discovery of semiconductor materials, this high brightness and low consumption of the material into the Chinese industry is highly valued, the late 1990s, information technology in China's rapid development at the same time, LED display as Display terminal products with the market demand to promote, in China, a country with a huge population and market, rapidly spread, the formation of scale, and finally become the world LED display industry scale larger gathering place. The development speed of China's LED display industry has been at the forefront of the world, which means that the industry is still in the fumbling progress, and no comparison, cannot see the future effect, means that the LED display industry has been in the pace of trial and error, correction, trial and error correction. And the rapid progress of technology, making this trial and error correction of the frequency of repetition accelerated, the formation of industry laws and standards of the difficulty is also greatly enhanced.

LED display industry expertise and industry status is also one of the elements of the delay in the development of standards, LED display industry is a high industry threshold, the technical threshold is very low relative to the same industry. China is still not thorough enough for patent protection. And in some products with high technical content, screen enterprises for product parameters and technical standards are along their own set, making cooperation with users in understanding the product, there is no systematic knowledge. At the same time, there is no leading party in the LED display industry, the product standards are also the head enterprises have their own set, who does not serve who, the industry standard is naturally unable to regulate.

Screen enterprises how to participate in the development of industry standards

To find the right law, this does not mean that the industry to slow down the pace of development. The country has always held a highly supportive attitude toward high-tech industries, and since China's economic development growth has gradually slowed down, the trend of increasing downward pressure on the social economy is increasingly obvious, this attention will not be ignored. Economic development is like a river, only when it flows will it have the power to run forward. High-tech industries, as the gas pedal of national economic development, must not be stopped. This principle is applied to the LED display industry as applicable. During the epidemic, the entire LED display industry has been hit hard, and screen enterprises in the realization of the price war on the whole industry vitality of the serious internal consumption of the end of the whole industry caused by the extremely adverse impact, technology research and development, product differentiation has become the whole industry's power point. After the epidemic era, the recovery of the market, but also become a millstone of the LED display industry.

It can be said that the epidemic has made the LED display industry an unprecedented reshuffle, shutdown during the epidemic, screening out a number of enterprises. After the epidemic brought about by the chain reaction, such as chip prices rose to move the entire industry raw materials, and screened out a number of enterprises. As can be expected, the screened out enterprises, either is the lack of financial strength, or customer resources. The root cause, is the small size, no products and stable sources of customers can play. Mini/Micro LED in this year's fire, is also a manifestation of the development trend of the whole industry. At the same time, we can also see the development of high technology content, differentiated products, indeed inhibit the proliferation of low-quality LED display products, is also considered a cleaning under the coincidence of chance.

But this does not mean that the LED display industry can continue to industry standards do not pay attention to, on the contrary very much to increase attention. In recent years screen enterprises have launched new products, showing their own R & D strength while occupying new markets in new areas. And the emergence of new products, marking the emergence of new terms, new technologies, new standards, if not unified, consumers will have a lot of confusion about the LED display industry, the development of late, it is easy to have screen enterprises "fuzzy concept" "hiding dirt", the industry The development of extremely unfavorable.

How to achieve unity of standards, as mentioned above, drawing on mature foreign standards in the same industry, or led by the industry "giant", or government or business, to stabilize the industry order. As the LED display industry in the domestic industry does not exist "giant", only the government's relevant policies on behalf of traction, but because of the technology is not strong, binding force is not large enough, but recently there has been a new opportunity. October 10, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued the "National Standardization Development Outline" (hereinafter referred to as the "Outline"), for the future of the standardization of the development of the standard. Outline"), for the next 15 years, China's standardization development set goals and blueprints. Although the "Outline" does not make clear requirements for the development of LED display industry standards, but the plan mentions the construction of a comprehensive national standardization research institutions as a leader, industry, regional and local standardization research institutions as the backbone of the standardization science and technology system. Play the role of advantageous enterprises in the standardization science and technology system. Improve the system of professional standardization technology organizations, improve cross-field work mechanism, enhance openness and transparency. Encourage societies, associations, chambers of commerce, federations and other social organizations with appropriate capabilities and industrial technology alliances to coordinate relevant market players to jointly develop standards that meet the needs of the market and innovation. This also means that screen enterprises and industry organizations jointly develop industry standards, after approval can be implemented in the country, and even internationally, greatly reducing the difficulty of industry standards, while the Chinese screen enterprises in the international advantage will increase, specifically, China as the world LED display industry scale of the larger countries, once a unified industry standards and by domestic screen enterprises identified, the international Industry standard discourse will also be in the hands of Chinese screen enterprises.

It is said that the economic foundation determines the superstructure, industry standards as an industry development norms and external awareness channels, stability and comprehensiveness is essential. Now the LED display industry efforts to technology integration, small micro-pitch, segmentation, new products, new technologies are emerging, the early development of industry standards is very necessary and necessary, but also to avoid further difficulty in the development of future standards. However, I believe that after several screening of the display industry, has begun to appear industry aggregation effect, while the country's increased attention to high-tech industries and the improvement of the patent bill, but also in accelerating the formation of industry standards, "National Standardization Outline" promulgated, and is a boost. If you are interested in a deeper understanding of the LED display industry, you can come to the display show to consult the details.

Source: HC LED screen networ